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Car Diagnostics Bingham

Engine Management, ABS, Electronic Stability Control, Seatbelts and Airbags

One of our technicians performing Car Diagnostics Bingham Branch

We have invested heavily in some of the latest vehicle diagnostic testing equipment to help us to deal with the ever more sophisticated array of electronic systems that are present on all modern cars. 

Engine Management System

The Engine Management System controls fuel injection and engine timing via a network of sensors, valves and actuators. When a fault develops in your Engine Management System a fault code is logged in the electronic control unit's memory. Usually when this happens a warning light on your dashboard will alert you to the problem and in some cases your vehicle will switch to Limp Home mode. Limp Home Mode is a state where the engine runs on basic settings, this may enable you to drive the car for a short distance to get you to Pitstop Autocentre, Bingham for a Vehicle Diagnostics Test.

ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)

The anti-lock braking system controls the way that your brakes are applied on slippery surfaces. It uses speed sensors on each wheel to tell if any wheels are about to lock up when you are braking. If a wheel starts locking up, special hydraulic valves reduce the braking force to stop it. Damage, corrosion or dirt around these sensors and their connectors or a faulty control unit can cause the system to be inoperative and the ABS warning light to come on. This will affect the safety of the car and is an MOT failure so if your ABS warning light comes book your car in with Pitstop Autocentre, Bingham for a Vehicle Diagnostics Test.

Electronic Stability Control, Seatbelts and Airbags

Electronic Stability Control (ESC), manages braking, steering and throttle if your car starts to skid. If you do get into a skid ESC will try to allow you to continue to travel in the direction you wanted to without loosing control of your car.

These days even seatbelts are electronically controlled so it is very important that any related warning lights are not ignored. 

Finally the Airbag System on your car has its own control unit and various warning lights all of which must be working correctly. Any fault in this system should be checked urgently as in rare cases airbags can deploy unexpectedly if there is a fault.

If you have a warning light showing for Electronic Stability Control, Seatbelts or Airbags book your car in with Pitstop Autocentre, Bingham for a Vehicle Diagnostics Test.

Auto Electrical Service Bingham

In addition to our Car Diagnostics Service we also offer a full Auto Electrical Service including the following:

  • Starter Motor Repairs
  • Alternator Repairs
  • Wiring loom faults
  • Lighting faults
  • Batteries
  • Heater faults
  • Wiper faults

If you have any questions or to book in give us a ring on 01949 839333 or send us a message using our Online Contact Form.

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